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The fireflies tonight, joyful and prescient,
are dense, secreted in hedges of oregano,
strung and lit like Noel.

I cannot discern if I am persuaded by
their rhythm – my breathing weaved
in the pulse of their communal flash –
or if they are aligning to my inclination.

I light candles and they respond in vigorous
affirmation of their flame.

When I retire to the screened-in porch, they follow
and then hover for a minute or so there
outside the mesh, flickering on and off and
on and off, again and again…

But in a short while they are gone. The world outside
turns wholly dark and the air suddenly cooler. I
am rapt with the indiscernible shapes I can see
there at the edge of candlelight.

Chagall 2018


A sprite flits across the lawn
neither dragonfly or hummingbird –
defying gravity, pulling incredible G
force; I christen her damsel chagallus,
with emphasis on the first syllable

Chagall 2018

So poorly coiffed and yet
not artistic at all.

Chagall 2018

When there is nothing left to sow,
enable that which already grows.

Chagall 2018

A round of applause – anyone left standing?
Still searching for a world shrink.

Live your life. Leave others alone.

Happiness is any time reveling
under sky – anywhere – and
the mutual recognition
of the hint of salt sea
on the air, the promise
of windswept water,
open fields and grains
over winter.

Stop thinking you are one
of them. You are essentially

Ein sof

Chagall 2018

Azure Sky

Old fashioned biplane flies
low overhead pulling a banner reads All You Can Dream
but it doesn’t say where or when

Chagall 2018


On the second day of your life
you are twice as old as the day
before; on the last it’s a game
of moments nearing the number 1.

Chagall 2018

Terse and Torn

So few words yet
says nothing

Chagall 2018

I asked
But can’t I have both?

She said
Sorry, only one –
the Tickle or wisdom?

Chagall 2018

Go With the Cold Flow

Chugalugged a smoothie and
now have pineapple brain freeze.

Chagall 2018

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