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Haiku for Mortal Sin

Eyes appear to blink
At a glance from a distance
Furtive transgression

Chagall 2019

Stone Masons

no mere puerto ricans they, no sir,
I could tell these were ancient mayans

Chagall 2019

Changed Paces (2014)

This poem is unlike the others.
It tells no tale of twin souls,
makes no attempt to pinpoint
the space between here and there,
the real and not. This poem flies
at a level that can be deemed neither
high nor low. Arrhythmic at best,
to say the least, sans discernible
‘ameter. The point is all ways shifting
in time, like the bouncing ball of olde,
prompts us to sing-along, for past times’
sake, for those who’ve gone before us,
and wait. If I hold this poem up to the sky
once printed on thick opaque bond,
it can serve to shield the eyes
on days eclipsed by celestial objects
aligning their orbital sine-waves. Folded
as a fan, this poem can cool, or can serve
proxy for one’s hand to wave goodbye,
to a stranger or soul-mate or exiting goddess.
Yes, this poem is not like the rest.

© Chagall September 21, 2014

In my dream I awake
to find the large white dog
wrapped around my ankles,
tired, nodding, on-guard,
she turns and smiles, then
drops her head down; content
we return to sleep, while I –
the real sleeper, the dreamer of the dreamt –
fight through to the real haze, to rise.

Chagall 2019

Malapropism or Solipsism?

As I kid I misunderstood words and phrases,
cole rather than cold cuts for luncheon meat
(like cole slaw I thought), and Mary Heppakrishuns
one big run-on word – ignorant of her help of Christians, and
I thought it was moving one’s bottles when sitting
down on the bowl.

Today I am much more crudités, an aesthetic who knows better.

Chagall 2019

Forever Coincide

The air caresses, as it did that day,
my body and mind sing in equipoise,
temperate and temporal, all in one,
memory massages, messages me,
says the past can be yours for the asking,
venture deeper, all time exists in now

Chagall 2019

Outpacing Peter (2013)

Faster than Peter,
past acacia and carob,
I ran to the tomb.

We sang, we danced,
embraced and wept,
jumped up and down, cried out.

Our voices echoed:
the chamber there was empty
past the low doorway.

Alone in the damp,
except for our friend’s garments;
his scent was still there.

I ran past Mary,
leaving the rich man’s garden;

sweet hawthorn kindled
the fires of Golgotha,
from the day before.

Past olive, almond,
apricot, pine, turpentine,
I ran to tell them.

© Carlos Chagall, Easter Sunday, 2013

Dot Love You

I invoke my dead mom as if she were Siri,
I say Hey Mom, make it stop raining

Chagall 2019

Sometimes we are possessed.
Who knows why.

Chagall 2019

Podded Peas

She said I’ve
two different
shoes, same
foot, I say
my life’s been
pretty much
the same

Hop to me, baby

Chagall 2019

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