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For Siblings Once

a mouthful of
jelly roll

marbles, marmalade,
namesake and circumstance

old pictures on film newly faded,
everything turns heather these days

it is violet
most clearly

stark among

more sound
than sight

Chagall 2019

the butterfly maintains a steady vee under his partner
despite the erratic path of their dance, always urging upward
into light, higher aerie, eventually ceding at the top of the flight,
agreeing to be chased

Chagall 2019

Out of Nowhere

Happenstance and sometimes chance,
causes to gaze away

Quietly, nary a pebble rolls

Hot sidewalk in summer New York,
bless me o’ johnny pump

Long ago high risers of water cool
cascaded down upon me

Now I search for shade

Clear spirits and
tonic and lime can cure

Please let me run
the long line of your body

Tonight will fail to be timeless
without the knowing of you

Join me one time, just trust

There is no need
for any tomorrow

The day after…

Chagall 2019

Dominus Vobiscum

And just like that
the priest begins to rise,
not out of his seat,
but off the ground – actually
levitates, hands filled
with communion hosts, he tosses
these like tiny frisbees, targeting
the mouth of each parishioner,
one by one, left then right, rotating
wildly like an ascending Elvis in purple robe,
I scamper to hide behind an ornate column
that bolsters the apse, awaiting the end of the blasphemy

Chagall 2019

No Regrets

I hope your life has turned out
as you wanted

Chagall 2019

Alphabet City

I have memories
of being in echelon
which means that at one time
I must have flown

I can feel
where wings connected
between biceps and pectorals
the backward sweep of deltoids
to where flight would have taken hold
like a clamp

we hang low in the pocket in the rush of fresh air
hundreds of feet high in a V across calibrated
stagger as if random we bank in a frolic
as one gaining air on the others steep turns
tightly so much torque but our bodies are made
for bending flexing near breaking

Our hearts are different
not so resilient, they snap
because they’re unforgiving

Chagall 2016

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jaded, timeless moments turned
dull, filled with ennui, perhaps
it is more about timelessness then

everything is akin to nil,
another pole of view, that’s all

there is nothing but

we do not exist, there is no other
but the one insistent assertion of to be
that we share

everything we are is akin to nil,
neuroses with names like Michael

God is us

Chagall 2019

Hold The Fries

I make frozen smoothies
using homemade heirloom yogurt,
I imagine the healthy bacteria
probiotically clinging to finely crushed ice,
vanilla and agave, frosty, chilled and sweet,
entering my body, defending themselves against
the hot sulfuric acid of the stomach,
surviving the long ride,
evolving as flora

Chagall 2019


A string of vowels around your neck –
mostly ohs, some ays –
calls me, says linger a while

with ease

spend time at the collarbone,
speak in tongues, erratic soft kisses,
come what may and sometimes why

how many angels can dance
in the round ’round your navel?

I wonder, I ponder,
I drift way down yonder

away with words where silence reigns
and paragraphs puddle-up

lick the lips of a buttercup

consonantly yours,
truly forever

with best regards
till my sentence ends

until I am free
once again

wild and windblown
thought in a breezeway,
a notion in an alley-updraft
ascending to rooftops

down the fire escape, ringlet
curls cascade your face and shoulders
where one-syllable words are writ in primary colors

a you planted firmly in the hollow of your neck
another in the heart, and one – the forehead

with a ruler I draw a straight line
and brush away the letters from your cheek

with a felt fine-tip marker
I scribble my opus there

only us two

alone we two

Chagall 2019

I ask her to come over to my side,
we’ll hug, I say, she does, the porch swing creaking
from her weight on my lap, our necks intertwined like swans

without saying a word
we watch the candles burn
in the close surround of night

Chagall 2019

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