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Tune A Fish

I love to lick
the mayonnaise spoon

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Wet Witty Comebacks

As he exited the shower, his throbbing manhood spoke volumes,
and she laughed hysterically, never before having seen
a talking penis.

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The Arrangement

A chestnut-sided warbler 
shat upon my sheet music

After careful review
of the harmony, I
concede her point

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If Not…

For this I am forever indebted,
for this - to exist - I shall always owe

Oh, what a wonderful crazy life

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Today I wish you many eagles,
to grace your eye, to guide your mind,
to fly in echelon with your heart

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You've come this far and yet
know not the trees' types
and nary the call of any bird 

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So There…So Much There

A life,
once alive,
a leaf

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Every now and then,
swab out your nostrils

Smell how sweet funky life

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Thought for Food For Thought

Food so pure that the dishes come clean
under running water and a swipe of the hand

Grow you, fractal and concentric, 
let your every part throb with life,
the pathway for that which sustains

Build from the inside-out
to be that which is there

cc: CC '22

The Landscape (En Plein)

But are you an artist, she whispers,
not breathlessly, for there is ample air

No need for any real more subtle,
than here, than now

Be any blue you choose

I bleed wet-on-wet in the wash,
touch sun and turn to life

On the burnt umber I shadow,
pool and run

The suggestion of you,
line with form
and values

...and just like that,
a cloud pass, and
we lose our light

cc: CC '22
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