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The Conditional

If you follow a butterfly's flight intently,
hold it unswerving in the palm of your eye,
trace every turn, each subtle winged gesture, 
emboss on your mind her cursive persuasion...

ultimately she will alight on you

Chagall 2020

When i Grow Up

I will cash in on thespian knowledge
So I really must know how to act
Or make a fortune while foretelling karma
Still I’d owe way too much deep in debt
So I’ll seek to reap riches from relating tales
About life being grand at the edge
Where only sweet water flows across miles
Evanescent, effervescent, ever long

© Chagall ∞


En Passant

There in the tinted glass
Circling red-shoulder hawks
On sky preserved deep blue
Even in reflection

© Chagall ∞


The situation grows worse though
nothing has changed; she turns
to face the windswept space below
confident it will hold her. In
pointe slippers she tiptoes nearer
the edge and simply falls forward.
The ground recedes, gets smaller
with each new inch of elevation.
She turns midair and allows herself
a moment to revel in ascension. She
has never before dreamed but now seems
the right time.

© Chagall 2016

The Usherette

Sandwiched between her and the braver me,
I cautiously wander a bit farther away from the fray today
to a place where few boundaries abut.

© Chagall 2016


Additional Lines from Ode To Peace

… we shall never know
the taste of fruit we nourished,
laid out to field beneath sun
amid nature on true course,
these tomes are more than mere words,
they are …


© Chagall 2016

Full Voice

A whisper in a storm
hums poetic
melody for the deaf
astounding blind artists
who speak till silenced who
no longer levitate for fractures
to wings heal slowly you know
what freedom feels like –

Clear mind. Vibrant life.
Hope. Opportunity. Beautiful oxygen.

Chagall 2016

So Much For That

Applied for a job
the Chief of Diversity

They would call me the COD
a bit odd

The employment form
asked for Sex so I checked

Then raised my hand
queried What about Gender?

Needless to say
odd girl’s out

Chagall 2016


Awash in a a wail of church bells slurring blue
hog call whistle stops blowing the rattle
of rails amid home-bound ruckus
these trains keep on chugging chugging

across the country so wide and so green and so lovely
once free how I need to be free once more till
the end of all time I’ll be free despite all
who are crazy to believe they’ll curtail
me be free without fight flight or fancy

I will die for the same lands my daddy died for
on the sands at the foot of some mountain

Chagall 2015

Break Slow

No wind
still arbors
living trees
in repose

Docile shaggy creatures
unwashed but scented
deeply of Mother

Absorb light
emit air
vernal pools

I am the sound
of the haze that’s risen
each morning heat cast
in winter chill

I am hope

Chagall 2015

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