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Give Or Take

From my vantage it is not clear
whether she grasps at a star
or offers a petal to heaven

cc: CC '22

Country Ditty Rewrite

All of my exes
are different

cc: CC '22
Hee Haw!

The tiniest of gnats
who have shown up
lately around my sink
have no capacity to warn
one another, so I kill them 
all in rapid succession

cc: CC '22

Black and White

It is said the sun
must be 
at your back
in order to see
a rainbow

arc all of the colors,
your neck's nape
is warmed, and 
your shadow is 
there before you

cc: Chagall '22

The Tome

She opened and closed 
her book of life,
each chapter a year,
each page a season,
each paragraph a month,
each sentence a day,
each letter an hour,
each space a moment,
the unwritten - all of her 
hopes and regrets,
tucked away till forever 
on a shelf

Whither burrows the worm?

cc: Chagall 2022
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