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Smoothed Round

The shadow of your imperfection
is cast with a hard straight edge, 
such is the forgiveness of light

cc: Chagall '22

Sweet Talcum of Regret

In the next life I'll be better,
bigger and stronger
and richer

I'll make the right turns 
the next time when 
the road bends

I will sit comfortably 
square in the seat of me,
pensive and deliberate

My profile will be enabled
to leave you smiling,
light of heart

Our life will be 
white wine and soda
over ice

A beautiful lilting song
one whistles through
softly pursed lips

A velvet kiss,
a stroke of a fingertip
where you need it most

I promise to be better
the next time

cc: CC '22

Did We?

I wanted to hold your gaze
for whatever time remained,
immerse myself in the spark
of you, aware in your eyes

I shall never know what was
behind or is now before them

The memory of your voice is a tone of joy,
a persistent peal to pull me back
to a misted place that stands 
for all of our times together

Essence is a glimpse to serve,
to remember, a fragile spark
atop the wire

cc: CC '22

Give Or Take

From my vantage it is not clear
whether she grasps at a star
or offers a petal to heaven

cc: CC '22

Country Ditty Rewrite

All of my exes
are different

cc: CC '22
Hee Haw!

The tiniest of gnats
who have shown up
lately around my sink
have no capacity to warn
one another, so I kill them 
all in rapid succession

cc: CC '22

Black and White

It is said the sun
must be 
at your back
in order to see
a rainbow

arc all of the colors,
your neck's nape
is warmed, and 
your shadow is 
there before you

cc: Chagall '22

The Tome

She opened and closed 
her book of life,
each chapter a year,
each page a season,
each paragraph a month,
each sentence a day,
each letter an hour,
each space a moment,
the unwritten - all of her 
hopes and regrets,
tucked away till forever 
on a shelf

Whither burrows the worm?

cc: Chagall 2022
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