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Donut Feel Good

You can’t be impatient while it cools and then
complain the icing hasn’t had time to set

And not everybody needs to know
the recipe makes a dozen

Chagall 2019

I step aside as the laurels fall back upon me,
allow them to hit the floor solidly, a single thud
reverberates for a moment on the hollow between beams,
then dies – a memorial to blue noise, God as ocean
upon which I rode when newborn, a powdery surfer,
puckered and sweet, alert to the new day

Then prescient; occurring now
before buoys of word harbors,
life interceding

I live
to jot
iota on the fly!

Don’t forget me not

Chagall 2019

Perfect From Here

If I ever learn to fly
I will fly just high enough
to clear first-story windows

Chagall 2019

I am cold tall pine
Terns bank away in echelon
God braces mid-air

Chagall 2019


It’s Only Macular

My ophthalmologist said
I ‘m concerned about those flashing stars you’re seeing

I said
Doc, so am I – I think they need our help!

Chagall 2019


The rosemary toast so crisp and
the fig jam so delicious, the sound of
my own chewing inside my head –
I didn’t even hear you come in!

Chagall 2019

I startled myself today
peeking through a glass
reflected in a window

Chagall 2019

I remember (once) stringing my Strat with nylon

Then I turned the twin reverb on:
no magnetics, no sound
but great action

My friend Pete played so loud
we bought him a number 11 jersey

Vovo would pan for seeds down
inclined album covers

Sara would flick ashes onto her jeans
and rub it in to add wear

And Bob Smith (true name)
stole my Sunn concert lead amp-head and
my Zimgar conga shells
that I bought from Benitez
in the early ’70s; old-Robby
one morning vacated the house we
used for practice

S**thead couldn’t even keep a beat

Chagall 2019

She’s the real deal,
she has heart.

Chagall 2019

Odd how the shadows across the splay of the music
are out of sync with the movement of my own hands

Whose hands are interceding with the fall of the light!

There’s a clock in the room beside me beats incessant time
like a wave runner would

I’ve gone under, I keep going under, I don’t like going under

I’m so tempted to rhyme with asunder,
so I look it up quickly to be certain I know what it means

So as not to be caught off guard

I wouldn’t want to be caught off guard

I don’t like to be caught off guard

Chagall 2019

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