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The Glimpse

I wish I had stared at your face more,
seen sunlight refract to coax your colors
at every turn of the day, your image
failing my memory despite years
of having thought I saw

I will imagine starlight in your eyes tonight,
the play of shadow on your cheek,
the dark hollow of your neck,
as if I nestle there

I regret not having shaped my life
to behold you

Chagall 2019


Stroll Macabre

I walk the long corridor, endless really,
not recognizing any of the writing on the doors,
the characters seemingly shift shape,
I’m unsure they’re even permanently etched,
fade in and out, light gray on gray,
the doors themselves without uniformity,
each a different size, no proportion,
without implication of what lies behind,

Chagall 2019

For Kirby

Pickle bottling day
with its tickling motley way
makes us happy

Chagall 2019

Imperatively Yours

above the din
a calm
I ascend
to encounter

float airily

Chagall 2019

On the Breeze

Someone cooking with almond flour,
or marzipan, or maybe

Chagall 2019

Where Ends Meet

So many good things come from the dregs,
croutons – for instance.

Chagall 2019

3 Before 8

  1. What’s good for the orchid is bad for the yogurt.
  2. Sofa-arm slipcovers make me very, very nervous.
  3. The years fly quickly.

Chagall 2019

I’m Just Seeing

I watch carefully as form inverts
along the optic nerve to become
a weight of the heart, life between pages,
a boutonniere for the mind

Chagall 2019

I can be your pruner baby,
come display the roses

Chagall 2019

Consider that I cherish you all,
this love of many colors

Chagall 2019

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