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He ran a calloused thumb,
over the Zippo flywheel,
out of flint and Ronson.

An older guy, the Navy taught him
to run between raindrops on flightdecks.

On the Boston when Spearhead Marines hit Iwo,
works now at Gabrow’s Toy Store,
there on Avenue B.

Runs numbers for Connie from the pizza store,
who works for Lucy, who is married to
Tony the Barber.

Watches Bilko, Burns, and the Beaver,
has a crush on Coca and Miss Brooks both,
fancies himself to be Palladin.

Sometimes hangs with Blackie from the garage,
or Alvie the addict,
remember – he used to date Momo’s girl?

Got beat up by the guys from Avenue D,
who thought he was someone else.

Has an egg-cream and Joyva jelly bars,
every day at Sid’s,
with the kids
when they come home from school.

Owns Action comics, one through ten,
in absolute mint condition.

But he’s misplaced his reel-to-reels, the original satins,
Art Blakey live at Birdland.

Knows how to treat a lady during slow dances,
like the Elevator, the Five Hundred, The Press.

Likes taking his time,
with Bonomo Turkish Taffy.

Is a Dodger fan,
but secretly likes Rizzuto.

Will not live to see fifty,
killed by a time traveler with a knife and a cape.

Chagall 2013


Perhaps To Fly

A couple of birds every year,
the same nest there in the
back of the house – they’re
diligent and proud parents
to-be till this morning I
find an egg on the step, an
egg on the paver, an egg on the
table, and an unusual lack
of luster and life coming
from their home of straw tucked
humbly away in my old outdoor
light switch. I gaze up to
where they live, see a small tuft
of hair crest the ridge of the nest,
and I start to sing slow laments, please
don’t-be-sad songs, as much for me as for them.

Chagall 2018

An eye for an eye
Ink for ink
Tentacle for tentacle:
Squid pro quo

Chagall 2018

Thin Line

Inside I listen
to sounds of actual rain while
outside a real storm rages

Chagall 2018

Stars are formed in clouds
Of gas and dust, nebulae
Nuclear at core

The eddies mist cold
Lavender melts under snow
Bleeds purple on white

Stars provide enough
Energy brightly for years
The exact lifetime

Silence glistens here
Chilled pools beckon promising
Reflection under

We are born of stars
So proud until we pulsar
When fusion ceases

Among all two find
A sense of having been there
Empathetic eyes

Eons erase hope
What once would light forever
Turns to gamma ray

Shall never lose me
Shouts beyond the din recede
To vast empty stretch

Pridefully suns sear
Hot too fast, too self-consumed
No cheeks yet to burn

Circular water
Too near the edge of the falls
The promise to drown

Godspeed is lightspeed
We see until we are blind
Not invisible

Holding fast they plunge
In momentary freefall
Defying the crush

We are dark matter
More of us than meets the eye
Feel our gravity

Two plummet headfirst
Upturned soles to God’s heaven
The tickle of love

Ripped seams in space-time
Blessed beings emerge headfirst
The dead prefer breach

Plumes of graceful froth
Envelop twin beating hearts
Up until the sere

Nothing left to burn
Suns die everyday out here
To leave voids of love

Suddenly without
Love’s denouement sings sadly
Still ache crescendos

Massive cores collapse
Passages to yesterday
Bridges to Other

Melody solo
Lost, searching harmonically
Hearts rapt atonal

When stars burn cooler
Life has opportunity
Everywhere blue worlds

Shall never find me
Resounds off wet chamber walls
Where echos loiter

The scent of Goddess
Permeates all creation
Sweet salinity

A flickering flame
Somewhere a flue, air to breathe
Pinpoint light quite dim

Life is atmosphere
Creatures born to see the light

Ascension too fast
Lungs explode before tongues meld
Alive once again

Fine pointillism
Clarity from a distance
Planets at the edge

Shout hallelujah
Frenzied oxygenation
Salt water on lips

Behind us time looms ahead
Wrapped implicitly

Love again refrains
Adrift on sunny sandbars
Palm fruits, dates, acai

We are young again
Stellate beings thrice reborn
Twice kissed we are alone

Two swimmers azure
Water beaded sky blues hope
Refracted visions

Before words we were
Nothing, pointed subtlety
Essentially stars

Will never lose me
Mouthed indistinguishably
There underwater

Chagall – for wordcoaster

Accidentally sprinkled my Japanese maple
with vodka rather than water and now
she’s sino-russo.

Chagall 2018

It Just Hangs There (2013)

She said
the hardest part about love
is the waiting

to be asked or kissed
near the phone, by your side

up all night
or around

the bend, on the news
hand and foot

like a fool
for the other

to fall

Chagall 2013

If one truly believes we’re a fascist state and
indeed the brown-shirts are coming, why then
advocate for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment?

Wouldn’t this be the textbook context to justify
exercising that right to its fullest to assure
the continuation of freedoms?

Ponder that on both sides of your brain while
you speak from both sides of your mouth.

Love CC

Duet (seriously – do it!)

Sometimes I sit on the porch, play guitar
in odd rhythms to inspire the birdsong in
the woods that surround me.

They are really good at the high parts.

Chagall 2018 – remember: not B sharp
and not B flat, just B natural

Even incognito
I could tell
’twas Rita

Chagall 2018 – just for the fun and the sound of it

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