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Willed Free

How did we get here – do you know?
I asked uncertain of the blue

in the surrounding she replied
They’ve decided the moment repeats forever

Just you and me

I understood the nature of fate, she knew
It will have to do

Chagall 2016

The Go-Between

I told her
as you had asked
that she knew nothing of moons

that it was waxing and gibbous

and she replied to tell you that
you are an idiot as anyone can see
that it’s nothing of the sort

but indeed instead waning crescent

She added
it comes with old age

then she gave me this kiss and this locket
she said that you’d know

Chagall 2016

Tia Dora

She passed, the lady
who crocheted scarves
for favorite toys

Stuffed pandas sported
lilacs and greens
snug against cold
muffled happy in sound
wool splendor

Her nieces and nephews
all loved her
lined up like urchins
in top hat and dragging tails

Life cleaves carved
runners in the snow
they fade behind
or loom before
who is certain
in the blur
crinkle of snowfall
a solitary bell

She nods, beckons
Godspeed, good night
clutching her bag of yarns

Chagall 2015

Hello Goodbye Again

21 years since you passed
today, 21 years Chloe

I felt you strongly while driving,
called out your name, give me a sign
that you’re there, that you hear

I cried when the car
ahead of me turned
to reveal a truck in front
with license plate CHL124

I love you Chloe

Chagall 2015

God, How I Want You

Any two people
reflect the face
of each other

a patch of land at sea
under starlight
is where I embrace you

we kiss to the lap
of warm waves

a timeless moon-blue
velvet moire overhead
opens to the expanse
of all existence

a single moment
an eternal glimpse

Chagall 2015

The Time Traveler

She whispers
It’s you from long ago
And indeed I feel younger, more vibrant

As I run soft kisses along her neck
I ask her
How will I be?

Chagall 2015

Eden Revisited

chagall backdrop

He from the shower all clean
and I from the garden quite sweaty, we . . .
did the gate just click shut?

© Chagall 2015

Ode For Odette


You would have liked this morning
with the dancing trees amid cool breezes
blowing salty air.

You’d have liked the azure blues
sung by the sky, pink-tinged and vast
under the sunlit dome.

Where you are I want to be
a million times smaller than now,
simple fragrant mist that once was

© Chagall 2015

Somewhere Around The Umbilical


I knew you as sound, vibration,
a mix of visceral reactions I’d cherish,
each a name I’d disregard
to experience you first hand not twice
removed. To kiss is to dive
is to plunge with no net, is to soar
without ceiling: That’s us below!


chagall backdrop

Sweet Sara
I’m slipping
You have let me go
I am confined forever
In this last grasp

© Chagall 2014

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