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My Ocean

What startle - frighten most
are fragments of me I glimpse
in reflecting surfaces

cc: CC ‘22

No Gravity

the bottom

cc: CC ‘22

No Putsch, So They Shove

On Christmas Eve,
my prayers - my heart -  to those 
in the eye of Blitzen

For timing 
is surprise is 

cc: CC '22

These Gifts We Bring

If my Grandfathers
Mike and Carmine
were still alive I
would buy us all
matching flannel shirts
to wear this Christmas Eve

cc: Chagall '22 

Whoa, Where’d I Learn That?

My grandmother who has passed, has taken over my body to execute her Christmas recipes

Somewhere Over

There in the beveled corners of the old glass panes
and splayed upon the sills, tiny rainbows everyday

cc: CC '22
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