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GMT+2, or: In the Mean Time

I am very proud to post here a collaboration between two talented poets: 
David ben Alexander and Michael Simonelli.  

Their poem "GMT+2, or: In the Mean Time"
is in the form of a Chagallian loku.  

David & Michael, thank you for your support.   ---CC

GMT+2, or: In the Mean Time
Jerusalem taupe,
winter khamsin northward streams dark sands through our glass,
one sand pebble left in the clock’s tapered shadow,
sere wind breaks our wing

somewhere now where God rests
dunes caress with downy fill, eternal grains here,
graceful echelon, mosaics carved, rarefied
stars align to coasts

the world from the clouds,
squiggly fractal boundaries in between people,
morning groggy-eyed sunrise through stretched acrylic
grounded in promise

directional signs,
herd animals jostle on, can’t forget baggage,
travelators scoot well past the red-eye's runway,
each with life in tow

sandstorm rocks taxi,
clouds all that is visible, the expectant shift,
meter stops running, zero beats to the measure,
vantage no longer

family concern,
guests gather at synagogue, Tel Aviv sunset,
the anxious await break of accident reports,
frozen winter dreams

Eilat in winter:
warm honeymoon on Red Sea, chilly salt water
waves, oceanic time curves around large bodies
at scale, we’re smallest

rare snowfall settles,
Israeli children cheer, sheer slush by morning
cold rains bring green, sprouts, plants, blooms, before springtime warmth,
allergy triggers

spring still comes each year,
rebirth, salted brine-gray fog, pied balloons aloft

David ben Alexander & Michael Simonelli, 2022

American Sentence 011922

Times Square Station, a Wednesday in time, 8:30 AM
So sad, no one naps on the subways nowadays.

cc: Chagall 2022

True That

When I am tired but inspired
I turn minimalism

Chagall 2015

Haiku For Haiku

Timeless being first
Then every man and woman
Here is God’s reserve

Chagall 2015

Timeless being first
Then every man and woman
Here’s reserved for Gods

Chagall 2015

As Cellophane Bends To The Sound

My “likes” amount to seventeen
like clockwork everyday

Seven at breakfast, five at lunch
and the rest at eve’s respite

My day has become

Chagall 2015


Innovative sorts
Like Steve Jobs, only haiku
To the crazy ones

© Chagall 2015

chagall backdrop

Brutal honesty
Truth lies outside even that
Spring could do better

© Chagall 2014

chagall backdrop

Dreams ride safe inside
Prism-etched bubbles afloat
Listen for the pop

© Chagall 2014

Haiku For Still On The Ground

chagall backdrop

I pray she is safe
Hearts on metal flying birds
Long lone caws in woods

© Chagall 2014

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