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Sometimes you do – Yes, you do!
– a switcharoo.

© Chagall ∞


Teaching Humans To Fly

Relax deeply, secure in the updraft, ride the scree,
low in the pocket, let flexible tension arc about you,
buoyancy – wind rushing cilia,
spread under light and sky
in full spanned glory,
a journey upward
to thinner

© Chagall ∞

In Edgeways

The note of the birdsong lies solidly
suspended in the hollow of blue space.

The temperature of my body is precisely
the degree of the world enveloping me.

A simple brushstroke, tapered glyphs
weighty enough to have gravity, flutters.

About you I watch dusty particles dance
in light that is more than merely a halo.


©  Chagall ∞

O’ What a Pair

I have an odd dynamic with my father-in-law:
He is a 90 year old man but a very new soul, whereas
I am merely half his age but my soul has traveled twice
by thrice his. Our interplays are often quite quirky.

© Chagall 2017

A Palmful

If I took all those moments and ran them as a reel
– a film rather a dance – what would they amount to
in grams on ethereal scales how much would they weigh?

© Chagall 2016

Not Just One

The world is soothed by soft refrains,
life’s lulling opioids amass to mask
all pain and sorrow

If you existed you’d know the same as I
in footsteps misted, feet of holy water
just barely enough to drown in

Chagall 2016

Chatting In The Drift

I am intrigued by how blizzard snow removes reverb from the world
how your voice carries urgent presence atop cold flat air

Chagall 2016

Hello Goodbye Again

21 years since you passed
today, 21 years Chloe

I felt you strongly while driving,
called out your name, give me a sign
that you’re there, that you hear

I cried when the car
ahead of me turned
to reveal a truck in front
with license plate CHL124

I love you Chloe

Chagall 2015

Rain Carnations

never say die
from this flat line

Sparks spike
on the graph
upside down vees
mean carbon’s awake

I flutter I shake I
bake back to life
ain’t been this good
since the last time

Chagall 2015

Haiku For Translated Elegies


I’m learning new words
Such beautiful languages
All my friends have spoke

© Chagall 2015

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