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And I haven't prayed much lately,
though I have much to ask for,
and even One to whom I'd pray

cc: CC '22
Dying leaves audition
for the part of the butterfly

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Strange, how lately all of my sounds have been amplified,
the colors about me heightened, to taste - to touch - 
is more to savor, an aroma, that's all I remember,
what I bring forward to now, a string of beads,
droplets down the windowpane to me

I search for large falls of water,
any deluge

Once I was backlit by peeks in the forest,
bramble where sunlight rayed through,
dances in silhouette, ground against
a world silent-gray, without taste, 
untouchable, a thin pane away

And I am always
green-blue blue-green 
of many tones

cc: CC '22

And Just Like That

I told her with a single wind, all the dust would be back

cc: CC ‘22

My Prayer

There is a sunflower for Isabella growing in the meadow, it shall be any color she cares it to be, always facing light, with perfect petals

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Hadn’t I just poured myself a coffee, didn’t I now think this thought just the same?

A strange mourning dove keeps cooing outside my window, still I refrain

cc: CC ‘22

Off Balance

If you cannot beat them with strength, then defeat them with rhythm

cc: CC ‘22

You’re Killing Me Smalls

I yelled out to the red-tailed hawk, crying lonely atop the canopy

You want friends? Stop eating everybody!

cc: CC ‘22
Tonight, beneath the setting sky,
in the headlight's throw, 
under the streetlamp

I cast 

cc: CC '22

A Flutter Bye

I will miss you more than ever this time,
dear hummingbirds of summer

cc: CC '22

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