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Almost Disappear

When you say Press...
I'll ask softly?

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For AI 
to truly
us, we
need to
deny it
of the Creator

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The Odds

God makes
a billion to 1 shots

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Police Officer Wilbert Mora | New York City Police Department, New York
Police Officer Wilbert Mora
NYPD officers salute the ambulance carrying Mora's body to the Medical Examiner's office.
End of Watch January 25, 2022


I am destined to be who I am, and I realized that now.
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Police Officer Jason Rivera | New York City Police Department, New York
Police Officer Jason Rivera
Firefighters salute during a procession carrying Officer Rivera’s body on Jan. 21, 2022.
End of Watch January 21, 2022

Lose Lose

Young scrawny punks
smirk at me
behind the scenes
yet not a one knows
Rumi or Rimbaud

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No Time Like Now

It’s a selfish act which leads me to my selflessness

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Una Miniatura

Segovia on vinyl, even as
the slight hiss of dust
passes under the needle,
still is sublime

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I save the streamers from today’s party, so I have something to wave 
in tomorrow’s wind

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