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Throughout Light

reflect the imperceptible
flutter of butterfly

shadow the slow
fade of the lash

backlight the winged
convocation of eagle

way above
the canopy

at the base of the blade
of scented grass

linger the day's
closing rays

cc: Chagall 2021


I cup strawberries in my hand under a stream of freezing water
The sun’s heat, stubborn at first, relents and leaves the fruit

© Chagall ∞


A game of inches, halftones someday maybe
just a fingertip away from grasp, the thinnest
side of a prism edge, a place where souls slip
but not slide, inter-inter for one inter does not
suffice to suggest the slight of gap, the sleight
of the blue that is nearly blue, monochrome
intervals are what we are, variations in theme,
grande motif, leitmotif, light years away from any

© Chagall ∞

Star Catalog SAO 244567

Conflicted today about what to write:
a new star born in the stingray nebula or
my father and I in a photo younger
than my children are today.

Astronomers say the star expanded due to a helium flash,
“…back to giant dimensions: the born again scenario.”

Through the Hubble telescope I can see my dad
swim upon ripples of time, breathe between strokes,
expertly gulping air.

Suns by day are stars by night depending where you are.

© Chagall 2016

Reclamation in Two Acts

The ray of light
on return to the sun
discovered she wasn’t
so special at all

(agonizingly long intermission, theater in total darkness, misty haze in lieu of vibraphone tones to alert the Watchers that the show is resuming)

Whatever your form
you’re divine

Chagall 2016

I Think This Is Right, No?

Keep moving
we must follow
every drop of ray
must fall – alight
make truer yet
the glow of our skins

we are all
beautiful people
in sunset

wax deliciously
like sunrise – all new days

that’s what hope
looks like blind
faith keeps coming
long the day after

angle me so
I can watch
the last fade
of the light

Chagall 2016

Absorption Lines

Spectral signatures can be read
to discern what things are made of

Elements absorb color
magnesium blue-green
sodium yellow
hydrogen red-orange
and so on

It dawned on me that
we’re reverse prisms

Ingesting color
to emit white light

Chagall 2016

Not Really Saturday, Is It?

There is no day
for this is timeless
light at an angle
setting the stage
for me and you

The sun just beyond
the outskirts of the dome
casts a gold peach shine
that bakes us warm

I stand observed and seen
apart from any movement
of moments, even they

So still
one can hear
oneself breathe
one’s own breath
in the space of intervals
there’s lifetime

Let’s wait a beat
let’s bounce about
so ably we abound
round bottomed and bare

Chagall 2015

Not Quite Eclipse

Outside reading

clouds part
sun-photons come
beaming down
I stare

but for a moment

clouds merge
gray again
I return to the page

residual sunspots
there in my brain
wreak havoc
with punctuation

Chagall 2015


I’ve been wanting to tell you of the light
how I can’t quite describe that feeling
of being heather-flat in color where rain is
I am slowly heartbeat again, no matter how you feel it

flow with no meaning and that’s a good thing
this window’s our square to the outside
autumn’s trees on furry gray skies, bluer edges

I freeze under constellations, I burn ice cold in black night
like star factories, a sudden and unplanned eclipse
my ears, both cheeks grow numb, the radiator pops

but then they are warmed by the light
southerly facing photons here in Arles only now
not many years later as before that shouldn’t happen
but light has a way of bending back

You are lovely as the Sun
and so I paint you wonderfully golden, alive and ablaze

Chagall 2015

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