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Haiku for Frozen Glacier

Blue below icy
Lakes frozen aqua brittle
Still beings moving

Chagall 2016

Today I sensed
in the care of a plant
what I needed to do

Today I sensed
during care of a plant
what I needed to do

Today I sensed that
the care of it all
is what I needed to do

Today I sensed in
the care of it all
that I was needed

Chagall 2016

The Curator

Seems more are adept at curation

Before we wept adoration

Explore! She slept long duration

Yawn (bore) inept calculation

Minds tore deep perturbation

Dreams worn out devastation

Reams doorstops of masturbation

Tons of crap indeed an anthology makes

Chagall 2016

That You Be

On the roof
the city below
is quiet

the order of
the day

People still use clotheslines here
cursive swoops of nylon rope
wet haberdashery semaphore

Empty rivers on either side
the low-end of tugboat blasts
is lost here

Each one grabs
an arm
a leg

Spreads me like a kite
brings me to the edge
begins a count of three

A sail on the river begs a breeze
no longer grasps hold
kites below become smaller

. . . I be gone

It is certainly quieter here
save for the rush of wind

Chagall 2016

Cyber Puppy Love

My avatar has
a crush on yours

What say you?
Let’s pixellate

Chagall 2016

Pete Caso
Moe Neigh (and brother Man)
Lick My Stein
Sin D. Sure Man
Cha-cha Gall
Matthew Teese (friends call him Matt)
War Hall
Lawn Uh Sim Sun
:some of my favorite artists

But not Paul McCarthy
because frankly his stuff just sucks

Chagall 2016


Her tears
in moonlight

Mercury atop
cocoa velvet

Chagall 2016

Absorption Lines

Spectral signatures can be read
to discern what things are made of

Elements absorb color
magnesium blue-green
sodium yellow
hydrogen red-orange
and so on

It dawned on me that
we’re reverse prisms

Ingesting color
to emit white light

Chagall 2016


Alphabet City

At work I’ve insisted
that my team be staffed
with nothing but ladies
of beautiful color

Our primary mission:
To rock any world
we encounter

Chagall 2015

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Applied for a job
the Chief of Diversity

They would call me the COD
a bit odd

The employment form
asked for Sex so I checked

Then raised my hand
queried What about Gender?

Needless to say
odd girl’s out

Chagall 2016

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