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So, What’s Your Sign?

I am a mob of one on the flash
A pulmonary conviction
The membrane of your choice

I am the Matador, Sinewy Eros
Entangling horns as they come
Nearer to thee than the moon
Dear Gaia

I am millions of deities rolled into One
A lozenge, a salve, a breath mint

As a harpsichord I traipse the body luscious
The perennial you plant
Every year hoping

Ground-breaking rip-roaring shattered

Jagged shards, Green clovers, Pink moons
Lucky charms and amulets
Around your ankles and thighs
Tigers and bears

Oh my!

Chagall 2015

Cover of Amy Winehouse – I Heard Love Is Blind

Chagall – arrangement; Sebastien Greco – Vocals
Headphones recommended –

The most haunting sound.

Whenever I lament the state of the world, I listen to the song of Kauaʻi ʻŌʻō. Put some headphones on and listen to this very short clip. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Love to you all. Have a great weekend. —Carlos C.

Listen to the haunting song of the Kauaʻi ʻŌʻō, presumed extinct since 1985. Headphones recommended to fully appreciate the rhythm, tenor, tones, and intervals, of the bird’s song. This is the bird at night.

I believe this is the only known footage of the bird:

See here for additional recordings and to browse the wonderful collection of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Macaulay Library

Again, farewell Kauaʻi ʻŌʻō.


Rapt – take 2

Original by Carlos Chagall and Eric Greco

Headphones recommended
Just this side of spoken word


Original music by Carlos Chagall & Sebastien Greco

Just This Side Of Spoken Word – headphones recommended

Rough Draft

Where Light Is


Just this side of spoken word!
Headphones recommended

Original by Carlos Chagall and Sebastien Greco @ 2015
Carlos Chagall – all instruments
Sebastien Greco – vocals

Early draft

In time, she said
Go easy
I’ve been beside myself
Ever since

In life, she said
There’s not much more than this

But light
Anywhere that light is
That’s where you’ll find me

I was born one day
Two die one day
I didn’t know
How could I know

In time, she said
Please go easier!

You Just Know

chagall backdrop

She panicked and said that the mix was too dry
I could tell she’d not worked many doughs

© Chagall 2014

So Alive – Interlude

Headphones recommended
Just this side of spoken word!

Original words and music by Carlos Chagall
Vocals – Seb Greco
Bass – DD Rivera
Guitars – Chagall

I am so alive
Hey, I’m alive again!

Can’t you feel the life
pressing on your skin?

I have felt inside
I can feel deep inside

Outside turns within
anytime you find
I’m wasting time alone

I am still alive
I can still feel the life

Can you touch inside –
can you reach in from outside?


chagall backdrop

Just as song the words flow
in time, gating the sense.

To know is
in the making.

The interval is not known
until the second tone.

© Chagall 2014

Twin Souls

chagall backdrop

In a dream, she calls to me from outside.
It’s just before the darkness settles in,
the final rays of sunlight still the trees,
the day retains its heat, promising night.

I open the window and wave to her,
this Juliet fair at my balcony,
gently nudge my body forward then down
floating slowly to the ground beside her.

Her face, beautifully lit, supernatural
in bold relief against the black empty.
She is so close, she eclipses the world;
as we meld we do not pass but are one.

I am her for the moment so I feel
the love for me I as she has for him,
turns us still deeper inward till again
there is no separation; there’s no need.

© Chagall 2014

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