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American Sentence 011922

Times Square Station, a Wednesday in time, 8:30 AM
So sad, no one naps on the subways nowadays.

cc: Chagall 2022


Hey, if you want ice
You gotta fill the trays.

© ChaChagall ∞

Bohemian Rhapsody

I enjoyed your poetry more when it was free.

© Chagall ∞


The Lottery

Another year and the war would end
but on the day my friend Johnny died
the triangle of his flag hung looking 
over the city from his mom’s window.

The summer we were ten he stands in a sprinkler,
in his boxers (not really a swimsuit) with
the biggest grin because it’s vacation and
life is good and the ice man is coming and
we’ve got a dollar to share.

© Chagall 2106

Fire Escapes Covered in Snow

Christmas Morning on the Lower East Side when I was five
I awoke to find a tiny white baby grand piano alongside
the tree that crowded the front room of our railroad apartment.
Not quite a toy, it was a real instrument crafted to stand
not two feet high. On the beautiful bench sat a card in script
that simply said Love Dad.

This year, for what would be his 100th Christmas, I will place
my hands on the keyboard again to wish him peace in silent night.

© Chagall 2016

Downtown Uptown Friday Night!

Shirt out
a lot o’rolls
tucked in
different but better
rolls go away
now just a matter of

Chagall 2016

Baby, It’s The Dance . . .

It’s a remnant from having studied French
she said plus perfectly, the tip of her tongue
all over in the right place, she breathless
throaty with her R

I held her longer than most
in the wind with fingertips
on lashes snowflakes melted
atop her body’s heat, small eyelit flames

Of ember ablaze in night-rubbed velvet
against the grain barely purple, simply that time again
I push aside a single lock of an S
more breath than kiss swept away

I urge her to spin with a touch
to the hand apply pressure enough to propel
her to rotate about on the point of a world
that spirals her axes abound
her carousel horse gallops organ-spun
sun is alive diamond photons
still warm and so new, yet
to cast any shadow

Apropos to nothing that I know of
yet I sense that we light up
essentially this way, she allowed me
to show her

I loved her because
she wore espadrilles, not despite that
let’s be clear

Chagall 2015

Then Again

chagall backdrop

I can’t break away from this burning desire
to feel – to touch anything – to stay immersed in color and sound.

I can hold it
but then . . .

I slip,
something slips
gears, such a drag
to always be in retrospect.

© Chagall 2014

A.S. JAN 18, 2014

chagall backdrop

14th St & Avenue A, LL train on its way to Brooklyn

Rat jumps platform, rasta blows joint, oblivious rush hour crowds – My stop!

© Chagall 2014

A.S. DEC 30, 2013

chagall backdrop

Friday night, Autumn 1969 – Kitchen of a railroad flat, 12th St. off Avenue B, across from 12th St Park
Ruth’s aproned mom, tostones, hot oils, sopa de mondongo, floured curves.

© Chagall 2013

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