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I refuse to look at the sky tonight –
same old story – planes, dead stars, pitted moons,
motivates me to write timeworn tunes to the lovelorn,
pines how the heart takes flight

metaphysical, dark versus light,
sometimes fare about babes and June
frolics among flowers, the springtime bloom,
even angels on high, lost souls burning brightly

Instead this evening I plan to ascend,
arise from the planet when bells whisper midnight,
leave earth behind (I will miss you old friend)
my direction is up, two lefts…
then right when you ponder the sky this eve
you’ll see the newest constellation called Chagallus
know that it’s me

© Carlos Chagall, 2013, 2019



my old friend,
will I see you
the next time around?

Chagall 2019

On Life

The step-daughter of the old lady’s niece
was induced to coma due to sepsis
from failing kidneys, the same week
the old lady was to fly her first time
south to visit her daughter’s daughter.

The step-daughter’s life hung in the balance.

The old lady decided not to go.

The granddaughter returned the new bedsheets she’d purchased.

Grief proved the stronger draw.

Chagall 2019

As It Were

The whether-girl warns
there will be fog today,
but she doesn’t know
it’s been here all along

Chagall 2019

The Sophomoric

My o’ m(eye)
might as well
dot your ((eyes))
with hearts

Chagall 2019

Washed, Undazed, and Clear

Can you tell me which way is up today?
The Ducks of Same-mind seem to think
that it’s down, but we all know better –
don’t we?

Turvy turns topsy, flopsie and mopsie,
fine Rabbits aligned in a row,
their impetuous nostril flares
ignite the ado

Unhand – but first, untie – me,
…ain’t got nothing but love, babe
on this 8th day of the week

Gods from Magog swarm all around,
while we sing solemn psalms underground

with a teary eye to the coast
and the salt sea spray
upon our lips like new life

inhale with me
this sweetest air
of freedom’s undulation

Chagall 2019

Upon the sea
atop the waves
a pair of ankles

Alone, underwater
billows of hair and
algae tendrils

I smile because
I find I can breathe
as I did once
in mama’s belly

Feel then fill
the gills till
they’re full!

I ascend
explode into air

Chagall 2019

Of Their Own Mind

The shadows dance along the wall
and yet the room is still.

Chagall 2019


They come,
they eat our food,
they sleep in our beds,
and sometimes they take our women…
brothers-in-law – who needs ’em!

Chagall 2019

The Gray Box

I wait, unable to proceed:
the interim
between here and neither

I’ve petals to be picked

an about-face looms
if time shall pass

unable to start, this cusp
lines finely the point of departure
to no return, to no avail

how I wish it would rain,
turn drizzle to pellets
to floods, wash over me

watch over me
someone anywhere

ensnarled: this space
within prayer

Chagall 2019

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