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In the Fantail Ray

I start my day
in the quiet gray
of morning

Wan light,
autumn light
scant, aslant

My admonitions
to holy ghosts
resemble prayer

Leftover incantations
from kneeling

gentle rocking

disbelief finally

This is
the only

I walk time
like a ladder
up and down

Consider this
the thought
that got away


Chagall 2019

Nets Cast

are tiny

on the wind

Chagall 2019


mellow and earthy, she brought diffusion
to the light about her

Chagall 2019

Alit Upon

Stroke me, pulse me away,
draw it out on your fingertips,
vindicate my being

Evoke, cause me to emote,
to throb, to pulsate sine-like

An electric barb, a spark
in the night eclipses twilight

Bite my lips, draw blood,
pinpoints to rivulets,
my heart as your amulet

Among the softest things
consider the kiss

The prelude,
this moment

Chagall 2019


In time I lost interest in the pick, the plectrum,
and began instead to strum life with bare hands

Chagall 2019

The Gossip

Any scuttlebutt about the subtle bustle,
here-say – yay or nay – any word?

from my mouth to open ears,
here’s what I hear…

Chagall 2019

synopsis for sara

in the morning
i check in with my
bid them good day

early afternoon sometimes
i get high-go to the garden
pick pole-beans in the sun

dear child, at night i pray for your happiness
much-much-more than my own

Chagall 2019


I lie long ‘cross the bed’s diagonal
when there are short sheets,
lest my feet freeze
from the ankle

Chagall 2019

Afloat in Yuma

wires strung along the road atop wooden poles
follow the rise and run of the land for miles
in either direction

no houses, trees or shrubs anywhere, just gray
pavement snaking, unlined, unmarked,
the delicious smell of hot asphalt

people are talking on those wires, loved ones
near and far exchanging news and hopes
for a bygone day

darkness settles in along with the cicadas’ song,
cooler air prevails while starlight winks
behind thin cloud wisps

everywhere, everything falls,
helpless, in search of a gust,
an updraft

Chagall 2019

The Soft Release of Tendrils

And when she passed, I ate her peach pie
for a day or two, and marveled over her
ever having been

Chagall 2019

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