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Well Managed

A good time for a reblog

Alphabet City

How does the wind keep track
of the trillions of leaves it blows

the infinite tiny barbs of feather
it ruffles in flight

the colorful kites strung taut 
in their journeys, guiding youthful hands 

the dandelion dander on behalf of a wish
on its way to new-found love

the many tears on cheeks to account for,
to someday dry to whisk away

the aromas it wafts,
the melodies it lilts

the voices it fades,
this busy wind

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One learns quickly
to wipe away tears
before blowing one's
nose, but after a while
it really doesn't matter

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Goodbye, Dear Sister

I sometimes say your name
as a question whispered


And I hear your answer there,
the quiet run of nearby water

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Me, Shallow?

Her poetry reads
like Mass Cards,
but her breasts
bring new life

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The Sign is such
there is no sign

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Now that she’s gone
I realize how easy to have
picked up the phone

now here alone
no one calls me

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Who’d Ask For Anything More?

grey pavement
snakes unlined
darkness settles in 
cicada calls I knew you
when sweet wind
blew auburn 
sent a long kiss along
the neck lost
in time atop 
a shoulder one 
shouldn't have left


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For the New Day

Wires run along the road on wooden poles,
they travel the rise and the run of the land for miles

No houses, trees or shrubs, just an endless plain
of black on indigo

And a low steady hum
arises from somewhere
beyond what is seen

People talk atop those wires,
loved ones near and far,
exchange Hope

For the new day

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I dread
the Godless
world, all
I will surely
Know, where
their trumpets 
blare, in misted
air I will arise,
aloft, atop,
a lark in prayer,
myself a prey,
all praise
is Hers

dear Mother Earth,
shake us, retch us
from your gut, stomp
we all to pieces,
us bitches - us the 
sacrosanct, the un-mortified, 
the cosmic metaphysical
cannibals among us
who seek brunch

from this aerie, 
this vantage,
they're near-
invisible specks

I am your life

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Express Lane

Where’s the ease?
For there’s the art.

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