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Haiku for Nascence

this breaks the silence
while rainfall patters softly
the intent to be

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Between Two Pages

Books on the shelves
remind me who I've been

Of whom I am

And in the marginalia,
hints to what I'd be

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Fucking close enough?
That's close e-fucking-nough

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Each day I am dressing and accessorizing
to more and more closely resemble
my personalized memoji 

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A dealer need beware
sampling ones own wares

I have not yet read
this stanza

Tell me
was it

There's more...

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Of Necessity

I get sliced and bleed a lot, and so 
I am a great advocate for safety

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Today’s PSA

The tree grows older
from its inception as seed - 
if you'll want a tree when you're older,
plant it now

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I Remember You

I relate
to old friends 
who don't look
like they used to

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For You

For hours on hours,
until all starlight fails,
that's how long I'd wait

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