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Six-Sided Flakes In Moonlight

I love the way
sound sounds
in slow crunchy snowfall
there’s no doubt
that we’re inside
the dome

Chagall 2015


A pulse
Feel it?

a pulse

these holy
sparks of light
cackle electric

Chagall 2015

I carry around a tumbler
of ice and whiskey
to disguise the fact
that I’m actually stoned.

Chagall 2015

Here Today . . .

She’d already begun her fade to phantasm
a moment before dodging the flood,
how nimbly she came and went at will
a slow pulsing light in my life.

Chagall 2015

Rain Carnations

never say die
from this flat line

Sparks spike
on the graph
upside down vees
mean carbon’s awake

I flutter I shake I
bake back to life
ain’t been this good
since the last time

Chagall 2015

Break Slow

No wind
still arbors
living trees
in repose

Docile shaggy creatures
unwashed but scented
deeply of Mother

Absorb light
emit air
vernal pools

I am the sound
of the haze that’s risen
each morning heat cast
in winter chill

I am hope

Chagall 2015

Farewell Love

Quickly before the fire dies
leaving us in darkness
I need to see your face
the round of your cheek
soft lash holding
a bead of tear

Chagall 2015


I breathe heavy after an iamb
I tucker after a couplet
and now they’re talking stanza!

Chagall 2015

Your majesty, let this be writ today
Cineri gloria sera est
Glory paid to ashes comes too late

In waltz
cotton parasols like white petals
pirouette on open bud
spun this swaying lady

In tango curvy, nay brilliant
bryllyg and slythy
a perfect silhouette

A fantail shuffle
a slide-step past the moonlight
your finest top-shelf anything really

may your night be forever early

Chagall 2015

A Hug And A Dollar

In this more recent age
of high-tech thievery and thuggery
I find myself more and more
missing my grandma, simpler days.

Chagall 2015

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