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The Scent of Chlorine and Coconut

I am at the pool early,
to get a spot with table and umbrella,
like we used to

but the tables are all gone

where we'd play cribbage for hours
over coladas and Marys (both bloody and virgin)

our laughter about His Nobs

the clown face through which  
you emerged the water slide, gliding 
feet-first, hands tucked to navel, 
is now painted over

the sunlight, though,
is precisely the same

in an old paperback I packed,
I find a folded bar-menu
from that day

cc: Chagall 2021

Once More Bobby Socks

I stare into the bowl of my sourdough culture
and recognize the thriving community it is

I imagine a microscopic Paramount Theater there in the mix and
a sourdough entity (Sinatra-like) singing his little heart out 
to an audience of swooning Lactobacillus
who feed on floating rye flour

cc: Chagall 2021

Alla Breve

I wish we'd had more time, son -
another chorus, another round,
a chance to make music again

Time moves too quickly
to the coda

Let's play it from the top, 
one last time with feeling - con gusto - 
while you solo, quietly I will sidle away

cc: Chagall 2021

No Blues, (Please) Refrain

I cannot tell a lie (baby)
but when I chop the cherry tree down
there ain't no sound

I travel faster than the speed of light (baby)
I'll be back before I'm gone

cc: Chagall 2021

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