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Happy Knew Year!

I’d rather dance just with you
perhaps even drink alone now that there is
some moon this New Year’s Eve

Your name is Jessica Eve so that makes you
the night before Jessica
(I was once the elf
of Saturday Eve)

I consider us one since we will howl
together in the wetlands tonight

The stars shift subtly look different
with passing time though not quite aligned
to the stroke at midnight

My heart will cascade its tickertape
among the fleeting, their raised flutes intone
ripe crystals, honed glass holds the promise
of the toast to which we all spring

Love & Peace in 2016

Chagall 2015/2016


Down from Stuyvesant Town
a little bit up from the Boys Club

Where the bus lets you off
at Eleventh & A

About thirty feet above ground
my soul hangs suspended

I hover there to watch life pass
sweetly through a window frameless

A point of view timeless
as before is coincident now

Old city brick woven
in fire escapes

We’re once young stealing kisses
miles away at the southern tip

There the island goes dark
where two rivers meet

Alone at the point
amid too many crosswinds

Lean flat
lie back into the wall

Chagall 2015

Chacha #113

If this were real life
I would fly

Chagall 2015

The night air is extraordinarily
cold, rarefied – prompts me to consider
if I had considered the language

It is snowing
then I thought simply

It snows
or simpler

and still


dry falling
night squadrons
wee icy crystals
cascade down her lashes
freeze cheeks
numb kisses
her lips

we are the first
to warm ankle-deep in

Chagall 2015

Cherish The Flame

Can’t we simply
allow life to be

Chagall 2015

There is no day
for this is timeless
light at an angle
setting the stage
for me and you

The sun just beyond
the outskirts of the dome
casts a gold peach shine
that bakes us warm

I stand observed and seen
apart from any movement
of moments, even they

So still
one can hear
oneself breathe
one’s own breath
in the space of intervals
there’s lifetime

Let’s wait a beat
let’s bounce about
so ably we abound
round bottomed and bare

Chagall 2015

It’s a remnant from having studied French
she said plus perfectly, the tip of her tongue
all over in the right place, she breathless
throaty with her R

I held her longer than most
in the wind with fingertips
on lashes snowflakes melted
atop her body’s heat, small eyelit flames

Of ember ablaze in night-rubbed velvet
against the grain barely purple, simply that time again
I push aside a single lock of an S
more breath than kiss swept away

I urge her to spin with a touch
to the hand apply pressure enough to propel
her to rotate about on the point of a world
that spirals her axes abound
her carousel horse gallops organ-spun
sun is alive diamond photons
still warm and so new, yet
to cast any shadow

Apropos to nothing that I know of
yet I sense that we light up
essentially this way, she allowed me
to show her

I loved her because
she wore espadrilles, not despite that
let’s be clear

Chagall 2015

She laughs when days grow longer
amazed that time sprouts wings
enables more than dappled life is light

Before the moment renders, surrenders
flow to heart her mind aloft she lingers

More than haunting scent hypnotic
bewilder, bother – be careful: she wishes
true comes more than not

Steady like red

Chagall 2015


All of the things
I seek to avoid
are wrapped up in
neat tidy bundles.

Chagall 2015

By Definition

To love her
is so precisely

Chagall 2015

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