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The Rustle of Clarity

I have melted into the ocean
behind the baby's eyes, and 
I can see anew, born for 
the very first time, 
let alone again

In the guttural raspberry
sounds I make, as I discover
my lips and my tongue,
I express my love for you,
dear Mother

dearest Gaia, swaddle me,
hold me close in the pack
that you've belted there warm
to your bosom

And I shall sleep 
the deepest pure, 
cradled and buoyed
by your gait

cc: CC '23


If you can’t lower the seat, 
raise the floor

cc: CC ‘23

Sweeping Contradiction

Don't pull back on a whisk broom, 
they just don't work that way

cc: CC '23

Much Ado

I knew nothing else 
but that
I wanted to write 
of a slipknot

anything more
that that
was little more
than what 
I knew 

...about anything...

dear reader, please pull this verse 
from both ends as you read 

do you see string-ends or bows?

you are hard, my aglet, a bitch dressed
in discarded and tattered laces

through whichever eyelet you choose to come,
from hereon in, moan softly to let me know
it's you

probe softly
to let me know

cc: CC '23


To draw
one must

cc: CC ‘23

Hand It Down

Soon, my child,
you will tell tales
of grand and great-grand
people, to the little people
you will beget, you'll see 
their eyes open wide, 
to wonder who they are,
and whence they came

cc: Chagall '23
Broke my neck
on a fall from grace,
never saw the footfall

Lacking traction for 
a fractured soul, 
I convalesce


till my hubris again
grows strong

cc: CC '23

To Wish Unwell

their unhappiness
was not to last

cc: CC ‘23

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