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Purplinsky Haze

Acting funny,
but I don’t know why

Excuse me while I
personalize and polarize

Da-da-da da-da-da

Chagall 2018

Perhaps too esoteric, or just the end of time?


One person,
one vote,
every issue,
every second.

The Way of the World.

Why infer when
one can be certain!

We can be certain.

Shouldn’t we be –

Chagall 2018

Peepers are still out this time of year
though their song comes earlier in the eve these days,
fragile, almost not there; easy to listen beyond and miss them.

The foreground caw of a big bird, the bark of a dog
on my backstage, panned far left, a flashing beep
of some truck backing up, overhead gaggles honk and recede.

In echelon wildly, we ride the updraft, dip and soar,
aerialists cum acrobats, spun but poised nonpareil, sans apparatus,
relying solely on wingspan and pin-sharp charisma.

The V is impressed with its own formation, looks down and spies itself
in the placid face of the water; a solemn unified beat of blood-pumped wings
cuts swaths in mid-air, affirms partisans aloft in the primeval current.

So many songs harmonize around me, twelve-tone hymns and patterns,
colors in sound, or maybe more like touch – the voices about and within,
caress me more than paint me; ephemeral sounds, timeless embossing of our hearts.

© Chagall 2014

I have a solar-powered light
in the image of a Sloth, that I
rarely bother to charge.

Chagall 2018

I kneel
to pick ground cherries.

From high and far away comes
the caw of a big bird, I pretend
is more ominous than need be.

Such is the mood
I’m in.

I strip goji berries from their plant
knowing that I have alit on technique
that’s been known for ages, with
thumb and forefinger together, I erase
their trace from the branch.

From beyond the din far away
comes the caw of a big bird,
less of a portent than need be.

Such is the mood I’m in.

Chagall 2018

Wine is unlike life.

Clear bottles let in light
to spoil the wine.

Chagall 2018

I refuse to believe the leaves are falling
already, the green is now gold, wrapped
with sunlight faded, colder than before,
but still ere the hard winter ahead,
snow-shadow trees, and frozen gossamer.

Winds race through sparse canopy,
a shaken bough, a broken vow, an undertow
beneath a low cloud where songbirds sang.

The forest grows more quiet
with each passing day turn month, to years.

A stone skips the face of the pond
to rest finally in the aftermath
of an endlessly dying circle.

The green grows gold,
rapt with sunlight faded.

Chagall 2018

A reblog from 2016 about first dates and starry-eyed lovers. Hoping you are off to a great week. —CC

Alphabet City

I picked her up 8 PM

As she locked the front door
I stood aside breathing in deeply
the cold winter sky

Where are we off to?
she asked excitedly

Pointing up I blurted
Orion Nebula, a star-forming region
below Rigel and Betelgeuse
there’s some folks I’d like you to meet

After staring at me long and hard, she said
Wait here a moment, let me grab my gloves

Chagall 2015

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When asked what she thought of
multiple exclamation points where one suffices,
she screamed, “They suck!”

Chagall 2018

“Are you a thinker?” she asked.

How could he tell her he was
merely a curator – a reposter –
a distributor of others thoughts?

“I am,” he said, without thinking.

Chagall 2018

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