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You Tried the Rest, Now…

Were the world to end,
I fear that future generations
will never rediscover pizza.

Chagall 2018


The Third Sunday

Deep wells in snow
where faithful collapse
onto knees to observe the light
emerges this life eternal
amid night’s teardrop
prayerful stars
a choir of hope
in the thin frost air
a scent of salvation
senses piqued
the Spirit
now a given
faith implies
no doubt
hearts sing
a cappella
the melody
of existence
each of us
a lyric
mesmerized tones

Chagall 2018

The best way to avoid being cut
is to stay above the blade

Chagall 2018


Time is the inference we make
between now and then, and so
to understand the implication
of that, is an act on the order
of the fifth dimension.

Mira, I think your shirt is on fire!

Chagall 2018

Joe CUBA!!


C’mon an’ Clap with me –

Aw beep beep
Haaw beep beep




All Aboard

I am on the head of a photon stream from trillions of miles away

astride a beam of light

to say my hair is windblown
is an absolute understatement

patiently I await arrival
here, just only a moment from

the doors open and
I alight

on terra firma

all I have loved
long gone

yet I am as fresh as
my passport photo

once was

Chagall 2018

Riffing With the Bard

I expel my breath

I can see it
shatter into all
the colors
of light

There!” I yell.  I had heard it.  “The Song!

respectfully, Chagall – 2018

Across the field, do you see him!
I see him

Quickly then,
let’s follow

Before he fades away

Snow light, so bright
first savior I see tonight

Please save me

Chagall 2018

O’ have you seen the Christmas trinkets,
delicate and light, blown-glass stenciled,
painted merry in gold, red, green,
adorned with real flakes of snow that fall
on the market cold this night

Careful with these – they are quite fragile,
and absolutely prone to break

Chagall 2018

Numbers Don’t Lie

The obit asserts
you died this year
the 23rd of July

Nearly 5 months ago

A Monday,
not quite 3 weeks
from the 4th’s celebration

Today I read that
the pancreas is
a mere 6 inches long

I’d not known
you were an only child

Chagall 2018 – for J.F.M.

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