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Crisp Brisk Air

my music appears
to delight the birds

the winter cardinals especially
perk up in earnest

a soundtrack to backdrop
their colder notes

a single breath-trilled phrase
mingles in icy snowfall

quieter these days

song exits the woods
through a hole in the refrain

I chance to breathe

to partake of that
into which I am born

Chagall 2020

For Ralph

this weekend while away I dreamed I could fly
but only through windows with sashes pulled down,
dimmed blue sky

sometimes frantically caught in corridors
gasping for air, seeking egress

and I awake – I believe –
to return home to find
a sparrow barely breathing
behind the porch screen

did I dream your dream last night?

searching for you out of windows
drawn down to nothing but sky forever twilit

somewhere between Ochre and Indigo

Chagall 2020

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