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All would wait till the car braked at the end of the path to turn,
before they stopped waving, but not me. I would run to my room and cry
for having not seen the red tail-lights.

Chagall 2020


I’m not looking for a writer
so much as I am a reader, and I’ll know
by what you write

In your hands, at the behest of your mind,
via the grace of God, lies potential timelessness

Fingers that hold a pen or shape a chord
can reign immortal in a moment

Count off…

Chagall 2020

Dear Poetess

take me aslant,
atilt with your words

show me faraway places

transcend time
with tense

dance through
all the wonder
you want me
to know

with your faeries

don’t detour
from that heart

Chagall 2020

Laying Down to Sleep

whenever I hear jets overhead
I am fearful

the rumble in streets is more
like a roar

I am humbled by birdsong,
let there forever God be birdsong

Chagall 2020


you can never craft a winning message
without first understanding
and empathizing fully
with both sides
of the story

Chagall 2020

Terse Verse

prose is
always a poem

so they say

Chagall 2020

No Fool I

When I broke the mirror, she screamed out
Oh my God, 7 years bad luck!

Knowing a bargain when I see one, I yelled
I’ll take it!

Chagall 2020

Take 5

I lit a candle
ever since I had heard

The memory is etched deep
having seen

Reach out; touch

The aroma is an odd banquet
of salt and lavender sweat

One grows accustomed
to the taste of one’s own mouth

Over time

Chagall 2020


last night in a trance while listening to rain
my vision ceded to the pretense of other, my body’s form
dissolved to blend into expanse so vast that it had to be me

I gleaned it possible to live for thousands of years

an ancient Sumerian king knew that at 50 years old
he was merely 1% of the way through

it is a matter of expectation,
the believing mind commands the body to obey,
and so unlocks the oldest rooms

what would you do with the time,
would you squander it as now,
would you remember those who perished
in past millennia, would you cry?

will you still have it in you
to blow out all of the candles?

Chagall 2020

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