What are you saying?
Crap coming out of your mouth.

Repeat after me:
“My lip fluid flees.”

No, no way that’s it.

“My limbs filled with fleas.”

Are your ears okay?

“My foot fell asleep.”
You’re pulling my leg, right?
“My liver’s diseased?”
You are a pisser.

“My life flew away.”

Bueno! Much better.

“My loves flee easy.”
Now you are talking!

“Miles ‘fore I sleep.”
“Please just let me be.”
“Just let me scream now.”
“Throat to head, just rip.”
Yes, now you got it.

“Now your turn. Repeat:
Expose brain to sky.”

“No way Carlito.”
“You’re growing on me.”
“Faster, good, faster.”
“Not fair to breathe twice.”
Expletive delete?
“That’s correct. Shitty.”

© Carlos Chagall, 2013