Get your headphones on (we’ll wait) and enjoy this music set to poetry. 

We had a blast.  Let us know what you think.

Original composition; house demo; very young tune, very rough arrangement and production

© Carlos Chagall, March 2013
Originally entitled Paris
Sebastien Eric Greco, vocals
Bambino Cuadrado, Percussion
Dede Rivera, Bass
Carlos “Chicheme” Chagall, Guitars, Lyrics

The lyrics are here on Alphabet City.  Sebastien took some liberties, but for the most part, true to the original.

  • Sebastien is smooth like a close shave on a hot Saturday night, phrasing like peppermint.  He got a little upset when Dede called him “Miguel Bublé.”  It was pretty funny.
  • Bambino wants to do more on the percussion, but the current loops groove enough for now.
  • Dede laid down a great live bass track.
  • You can hear me on rhythm and 2 lead parts, one acoustic and electric. Anything you hear that is tasty, that’s me. 🙂

Hope you’ve been pre-gaming.  We have.  See you at the After Party.  (I wish you could see the look on Sebastien’s face right now) And now without further ado :

If you like, we left a bonus track up on SoundCloud: Chicheme’s Alphabet City