Poking in the pink, in an itty bitty shack,
measly isla, shock treatment,
seize her seizure, shutter stops,
caesura, palpitations,
shudders, slip it
up and down,
slit, flit around,
my back, your beat, this heat,
bric-a-brac,  paddywack,
chewing on a – stroking on a – smoking on a
bone, bong, boing.

Listen while she
glistens in the mist,
whiles away
in moisture, in the gist,
slide a willow ‘neath the wisp,
such a sucker, simple syrups,
succulicious, psychopathic, sycophantic;

twinkling in the twilight tight outside atop the T-Top
in a T-Shirt, out your tank top, tease me, tickle till you

Stuttering, shuttering, splattering, tittering, withering, wuthering heights,
stammering, hammering, glimmering, plummeting, mumbling, plumbing deep
numbing thrusts
slippery, tres y cuatro

dilation, drives you sideways, odd
meters, on the up-
beat, against
the up-
again then
. . .

Keep you guessing, catch your breath
in your throat,
scratch an itch, sandy paper,
stairstep Slinkies sidling at ya,
eyes burn, on the verge,
on the turn, delight tingles,
daylight cravings, forelocks tangle,
smoke rings, pillow soft
halos steam sweat flex
triceps calves cut hard
dancers pole long gold
spotlight fades
black bass no trace
at the top no mo’
bottom face out smack
dab beyond the fray
cotton swabbing gently dabbing
at the lattice small concussions;

sneeze while you come, maybe thrice, three’s a charm
pick up steam, at the bridge,
out the closet, to the edge,
feeling dizzy just for kicks,
fat in front, grab the spot,
settle in, back on cruise,
back on Cruz,
straddling, standing O.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013