chagall backdrop

Today I open myself up
to all possibilities.

I set my face in new postures
using cheekbones rarely used,
smile higher,
frown imperceptibly.

I go with the thoughts
that I typically reject,
reject the notion
that I’m typical.

I speak in rhythms
foreign to my ear,
possibly those of the Ute
or the Inuit.

I sample new things to eat,
both alive and dead,
kiss a vegan
full on her lips.

I shift my musical tastes
to new genre,
baroque ska,
ragtime trance.

I aspire
to even loftier goals,
degrees in divine aura,
or a soup-kitchen sous.

I spontaneously burst
into dance, small jigs,
sometimes arms akimbo,
I tango on.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013