chagall backdrop

We bloggers are like bouquinistes
with our shops along the Seine

mine is at Pont Marie

I open my green box
the smell of weathered prose
yellowed black and white portraits

wafts all the way
to the Quai du Louvre
alongside thin trails
of smoke
from Gitanes Brunes
my brand of cigarette

For cold mornings
I carry a flask
of brandy
that keeps me warm
and much too obliging
when haggling over price
for the things that are mine

Oh, did I mention Dominique?
Her shop’s at the Quai Voltaire

she fancies plaid skirts, black tights
and ballet slippers,
both at work

and when we make love,
keeps her hair tight
in a chin-length bob

she has over five thousand books
and claims to have read them all

I’ve watched her
read them all

Our shoppers stop by
to browse and buy

what makes them
remember and yearn

for simple times
and carriage days

through summer gardens
down long vanishing horizons

where once they kissed
under the victory arch

© Carlos Chagall, 2013