This one’s too religious,
this one’s selling stuff,
this one’s in a language
that I don’t parlay enough.

That one’s background’s way too dark,
can hardly read the text,
while that one . . .
well, not too sure where the poetry is,
so I move on to the next.

Some are just too wordy,
and some are downright trite,
so I continue searching
for the one that feels
more right.

At last there’s those so perfect,
the voice of souls who yearn,
who let it out to let you in,
whisperers above the din.

© Chagall 2014

The lost verse – added March 16, 2020:

Some are way too sexy,
there’s nothing wrong with that,
I just can’t spend my evenings
with my lap beneath my hat

Chagall 2020
P.S. I miss you Mike!