chagall backdrop

A paler horse for the time
no worries at all – if any, they’re small.

They told you, I hope, that I used to bang gongs?

First let me tell you that I love
frost, snowflakes, eyelashes and somewhere – everywhere tears.

Me, I’d uphold and upend the merry, depending on
the time of day, or the time of year.

In a pale wane moon out the hourglass,
just a speckle on a wire white with choir light
on plexiglass, polished chrome and pretty barristers shuffling home
on gravel paths, they rise then crest and ride you fast to the other side,
just a belly-whop, just a jelly roll, there will never be another you
and Nat King Cole comes from window light, where everything rises and falls,
not just once or twice, but always, and forever plus a single day

Bang a gong –
uphold and upend the merry.

Sing a lilt of the will o’ the wisp.

© Chagall 2014