chagall backdrop

Today the world
has no front page
something marvelous, curious
occurred overnight

East awoke to loving West
and all cardinal points the same
for their neighbors

Everywhere there are puddles
of dissolved factions
and relinquished isms

People are sharing ethnic breads
and strong homemade brews
passed down over the generations
singing folk songs in the round
overlapping choruses in a variety
of tongues, accompanied by beautiful
percussion, reeds, and strings
dancing around fires, gifting homeland costumes
in a worldwide exchange of giving

The energy around the planet is palpable
one can ride it like an orbital ring
to transcend the here and now

seven billion tiny lights illuminate
as one

deep in the reaches of the multiverse
the Knower for a moment thinks Earth
has flickered

but soon loses interest
as there are much brighter beams
to tend to

© Chagall 2014