chagall backdrop

I wink at the blind to catch their eye,
proposition the deaf for an ear, my lips move
to articulate tongues, arcane and garbled
chicanery, while fools wisely ignore the signs
to take heed.

In a tunnel that escapes me
thoughts meander, drifts blown ash
from fires once hot, close enough to burn
now cold, cinders reassemble not so easily these days,
but I try.

On the outside off the inside
under overcast tops ‘neath the shade,
is where I fail to succeed to be
what I’m not. And I find that I’m lost,
but I really don’t care, concernedly.

You are the essential wholeness of nothing,
everything wrapped into one and one,
she to others, just shy of a crowd.

As today marks the end
yesterday clears its promise
and I’m face-flat against the white wall
once again.

© Chagall 2014