Let’s bring them all home and put an end to madness. —Chagall

Alphabet City

chagall backdrop
Assume that there are two and a half
million military personnel
in the U.S. forces.

Canada’s border is fifty-five hundred miles,
Mexico’s roughly two thousand,
the general coastline about thirteen thousand.

Let’s say then twenty thousand miles
for one trip around the perimeter
of our great country,
just to make this easy.

I ask a local seven-year old,
who advises me that there are five
thousand two hundred and eighty feet
in a mile

So in total that’s one hundred and five million
six hundred thousand feet
around these United States.

So here’s my plan:
Let’s bring all of the service personnel home,
each and every mother, father, sister, son, brother, daughter, aunt, uncle, partner, wife, husband, sibling in-law, cousin, friend, lover, poet, musician, machinist, laborer, teacher, and the like –
bring ’em all home,
all two and a half million,

and have them then stand a post around that…

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