One of my favorites. Hoping your week is going well. —Chagall

Alphabet City

chagall backdrop

Static – the new day
insects and birds rise to greet suns birthed everywhere
inner ears tickle the first time sounds like water
echo there in caves

No words for color
regions of my body burn just as god intends
minty oxygen invigorates my being
a pinch now and then

We grow outside-in
win or lose the games we dare to risk all of it
late morning near noon the days’ crossroads are many
so worlds come prepared

Sleep’s long swept away
the heart of the day absorbs strong light from above
dirt and rain combine to break down all of the lush
covered seed split open

What doesn’t grow right
gets discarded but in time heals perfectly flawed
singularities for the poets to ponder
for painters  to feign

We crawl then we fly
cry out  loud above the rest our forgotten calls
in dappled clearings we romp under heavy…

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