Hold me and tell me sounds, what I need to hear,
shake words to make me rattle, I’ll see foregone conclusions anew,
you used to once. Brave hearts go deep, so low in chorus, concordant
and oh so sonorous, young voices blend in pure bass tone,
hallow and echo, till the bell of the voice of the belles fades
into night around corners turned yellow in gaslight,
an ancient night quite like this one, I swear I hear
waves lapping somewhere down where couples go
to kiss standing on the rocks, eternity beckons like warm night,
with nary a star or a candle from windows along the bow, I cherish
how we move like this, persistence in each iamb
to draw one last breath, I feel it so I let it expel
to realize one next breath, the trick it is to keep breathing,
the idea simply to just let go, somersault lively, high-step now
flare a bit and be reckoned with like a child’s limerick
where you puff out your chest and exclaim
it’s certainly my special day!
or so I hope it is, I wish the best for you

© Chagall 2015