As a latina
I take exception
to the phrase
White Christmas

How about an Ecru Christmas
or a Beautifully Bronzed
Caramel Lustered
Birthday of the Supreme
Being of your choice?

Frankly, I plan to have
a joyous Christmas
celebrating with my friends (and family)
who are Hindi, Buddhist, Muslim,
Zen, Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic,
Episcopalian, Presbytes, Jews, Quaker,
Amish, Atheist (Paco, did I miss anybody?)
Wiccan! and that crazy lady down the block
from Puerto Rico with the chicken heads and candles

It will be White – it will be Joyous –
it will be about Christ – and that’s the way it goes.

The year will pass and soon it will be your turn
to celebrate your Being of choice using any colors you like.

Love to all.

Chagall 2015