Peace & Love to all People. —CC

Alphabet City

chagall backdrop

I completely lost my vision
on the Avenue A bus today
the whole world went suddenly
totally dark
my optic nerve
just lost its groove

then light again
with varying focal lengths
for my attention
myopia to Indiana
cornfield depth

that left me just
a little agog
cockeyed for sure
clearly uncertain

At my elbow
an elderly beautiful lady
bathed in radiant light
prisms of so many colors
asked me if I was feeling alright

and I said
I feel fine
thank you, and you?

but she just smiled and turned away

But not before
I could see that she once
had kaleidoscope eyes

and I asked
Hey, aren’t you Lucy?

She shifted to face me square
and exclaimed
My God, man! How did you know?

And I explained we’d met years ago
at a place called Junior’s Cave

You’re more wrinkled now

I told her
so much more…

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