Stars are formed in clouds
Of gas and dust, nebulae
Nuclear at core

Stars provide enough
Energy brightly for years
The exact lifetime

We are born of stars
So proud until we pulsar
When fusion ceases

Eons erase hope
What once would light forever
Turns to gamma ray

Pridefully suns sear
Hot too fast, too self-consumed
No cheeks yet to burn

Godspeed is lightspeed
We see until we are blind
Not invisible

We are dark matter
More of us than meets the eye
Feel our gravity

Ripped seams in space-time
Blessed beings emerge headfirst
The dead prefer breach

Nothing left to burn
Suns die everyday out here
To leave voids of love

Massive cores collapse
Passages to yesterday
Bridges to Other

When stars burn cooler
Life has opportunity
Everywhere blue worlds

The scent of Goddess
Permeates all creation
Sweet salinity

Life is atmosphere
Creatures born to see the light

Fine pointillism
Clarity from a distance
Planets at the edge

Behind us time looms ahead
Wrapped implicitly

We are young again
Stellate beings thrice reborn
Twice kissed we are alone

Before words we were
Nothing, pointed subtlety
Essentially stars

Please see A form called Loku

© Chagall 2016