The eddies mist cold
Lavender melts under snow
Bleeds purple on white

Silence glistens here
Chilled pools beckon promising
Reflection under

Among all two find
A sense of having been there
Empathetic eyes

Shall never lose me
Shouts beyond the din recede
To vast empty stretch

Circular water
Too near the edge of the falls
The promise to drown

Holding fast they plunge
In momentary freefall
Defying the crush

Two plummet headfirst
Upturned soles to God’s heaven
The tickle of love

Plumes of graceful froth
Envelop twin beating hearts
Up until the sere

Suddenly without
Love’s denouement sings sadly
Still ache crescendos

Melody solo
Lost, searching harmonically
Hearts rapt atonal

© Chagall 2016