Alphabet City

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Last night when I came into the bedroom,
I turned the light on low. You were asleep
with the most wonderful look on your face.

On your back with your hands drawn to your chin,
your shoulders raised in a shrug, eyes tight,
Duchenne smile, you beheld the marvelous,
cheeks red, lips pursed in amazement, as if
you were witnessing the birth of a star.

I watched you, in the presence of angels,
then I closed the light and raised the blanket,
and cautiously slid in there beside you,
so not to startle, jar your reverie.

I found my place in our nighttime hollow,
sunk in the mattress, you shifted and slid
into orbit along my gravity,
snuggling up warm and long against my back.

We are ancient Mayans drawn on the wall,
in the capsule, awaiting reentry.

© Carlos Chagall, 2013

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