Time ere dawn, low moon above rooftops, indigo-oxygen swirls
Sky props and wisps of cloud, as a child I soared high enough to see
But low enough to not be afraid, tickled in tall warm pines
Shaken by zephyrs all night long, and now mere hours
From light again, more hum not tick nor tock
A sine wave gnashing its teeth
Ere settling in…

New day
Cherish, astonish
Eminent being: sunlight
Diffuse rainbows at our edge
Awash in watery wavy sentience
More than reality, we actually are
Skin, merely skin, be curious
Go deep

Peek inside
Moments of day remain to enjoy
The weave of fine golden filament through dense canopies
Trees the color of faith and atonement, the richest greens
Earth knows, is able to render in this our time
Our space, this shared dive onto gravity
A chance speedway in empty air
We share

Look up
See the fall?

Chagall 2017