Another day of limitless potential
Do not take the road less travelled
Go instead into the densest thicket
Where no paths have ever existed

Forage for feelings there
Observe the exotic species
Errant thoughts feeding
At bends in the brooks

Look up
Deep sky

Not you

Laughter sparkles
Behind a hedge
Heard but unseen
A play on the adage

The sound of falls
An alluring cascade
Breaches the ring
Consumes the mind

Free drop in misted water
Cacophony unheard ere now
Except worlds at their birth
Save for love at its death

Adrift in an eddy of a shallow pool at the base of the falls
I pine for having come this far, fearful of never being able
To retrace the steps that led me here, that could lead me home
I walk backwards onward keeping my past as a promise before me

I am impervious to thistles
Thorns that rake my back
Strewn overgrown detritus
Tripping, stumbling, receding

Not I
But you

The gap where the thicket ends
Is where I will place my road sign

Chagall 2018